Career Acceleration

Women in the work place are often in a male-defined environment and as a result can feel at a disadvantage and hold themselves back. This seems to impact most on advancement at executive level.

I did some research to find out how successful women have handled these tendencies.

I summarised their advice in: How to do it by women who've done it, Wisdom from women at the top. (Free to download the pdf by writing to me here, or available on Amazon in Kindle format) 

From this research and my experience of working with scores of women, I have identified 6 areas which, if they are addressed, will enable women step into executive roles. These are:

 1.   Identifying and taking ownership of your personal brand

2.   Being strategic

3.   Being visible

4.   Talking about money

5.  Setting boundaries

6.  Asking for help 

I have found, for a small amount of input my clients achieve a significantly enhanced impact. Check out the testimonials


Your questions answered

How long does a coaching assignment last?

 Typically a coaching package lasts 6-12 months, meeting monthly to achieve previously agreed measures of success. There is a price reduction for longer investment.  

It is also possible, to purchase 1 off sessions if that is more appropriate.


How much does coaching cost?

 My fees reflect my experience and my track record. I am not the most expensive nor am I the cheapest. That said, we usually reach an  agreement that feels like a 'no brainer' investment in your future success.


Can I terminate the coaching relationship if I am no longer getting value from it?

You are at liberty to complete our work together at any point I ask only that we have a final meeting to ensure that all your questions have been answered and you leave feeling you have been well served by the coaching process.