A woman's career context, which is not the same as a man's.

I am interested in helping women shape the career they want and making it happen

About me

I enjoy people and find it truly fulfilling, through executive coaching, to bring my deep knowledge of the role motivation plays in performance, to access and leverage my clients' natural enthusiasm for what they do.

I started out in the NHS as a psychiatric social worker, in St Georges Teaching Hospital, in Adult Psychiatry. I worked 1-1, with couples and in groups to bring about positive changes in behaviour. This experience fired my career long passion for causing motivation and behaviour change. To broaden my range I took on teaching women assertiveness and over time and with a steady investment in learning and development including, Gestalt, Psychodrama, NLP, Transactional Analysis, CBT and Emotional Intelligence, I transitioned into setting up Two Way Talking in 1991, a communication consultancy. My focus was  on leadership training, consultancy and 1-1 coaching, in the public, not-for-profit and SME sectors. 

In 1993 I added mediation to my portfolio and throughout the 90s, a period of expansion in mediation, I was on the board of FMA (Family Mediators Association) and closely involved in rolling out mediation services for the Legal Services Commission in the North East, training and assessing mediators and consulting to law firms to help them set up their own practices.

When I relocated to London in 2004 I continued to coach but now in the corporate sector. In 2008 I took an advanced executive coaching qualification with the Academy of Executive Coaching. I am now on the coaching panel for senior executives for several large organisations, including Whitehall, run master classes for senior women and work privately with individuals. 






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I am known for:

  • my interest in accelerating women's careers
  • my focus on intuitive understanding 
  • explaining how as well as what to do

  • my extensive "hands on" experience

  • my solid track record of excellent results
  • my encouragement of clients to be themselves and respond to challenges in their own way